Vehicle Inspection in Rockdale, IL

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Mandatory Vehicle Safety Inspections

Did you know that you are required to complete state-mandated vehicle inspections and emissions testing in Rockdale, Illinois? Just like every other state, Illinois sets standards for the safety and emissions of individual vehicles on the road for public safety. Drivers must complete inspections with approved professionals to ensure their cars meet these standards before renewing registration. Rockdale Automotive is an approved location for state-mandated vehicle inspections. Visit our shop to have our qualified technicians check and test your car. The appointment is quick and straightforward. If you keep your vehicle in good condition, you are likely to pass and can get back on the road with peace of mind.

Recommended Maintenance

To guarantee that you pass your inspection the first time, we recommend following a routine maintenance schedule for your vehicle’s service needs. Staying on track will ensure your car meets the safety standards for the inspection and efficiency levels for the emissions test, which is required in select counties.* If you don’t follow a routine maintenance schedule, you may find out about problems with your vehicle during your inspection. If you fail because of an issue with your car, our ASE Certified technicians can help you with the necessary repairs before retesting.

*Smog checks are required in Cook, Dupage, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry, Monroe, Madison, Clair, and Will County.

What We Check

The best way to prepare for your inspection is to know what your vehicle will be checked for. Then you can make necessary repairs ahead of time to guarantee you pass the first time. Our technicians conduct thorough inspections that follow state guidelines. We check the function of seatbelts, headlights, taillights, turning signals, brakes, steering, and more. We also check for illuminated dashboard warning lights, like the check engine light, that indicate a problem with the vehicle. It’s a good idea to handle service for any warning lights before your scheduled inspection. For more information on the inspection, visit the DMV for helpful resources and guidelines. You can also find details on exemptions for older vehicles.

Schedule Your Next Inspection

Did you receive a notice for your vehicle’s upcoming inspection? State-mandated vehicle safety checks must be completed if you want to renew your registration! Schedule yours with Rockdale Automotive in Rockdale, Illinois. We make the process fast and convenient. If your car has been properly maintained, you should pass and be able to get right back on the road. If your vehicle fails and needs repairs, you can coordinate a follow-up time with our expert technicians to get the work done. Call (815) 725-5039 or use our convenient online scheduling system to make an appointment. You can also stop by 22 Graham Drive for prompt service. Our shop is located near West Park and the Rockdale Police Department. We look forward to performing your next inspection!