Oil Change in Rockdale, IL

Auto Care Basics -- Rockdale Automotive

Routine Fluid Services

If there’s one thing that you do for your vehicle, it’s routine fluid service with Rockdale Automotive! Changing your vehicle’s fluids is the foundation for optimal performance and long term health. Drivers in Rockdale, Illinois who want to get the most out of their cars know that regular oil changes are the best place to start! You can find your vehicle’s recommended oil change service schedule in your owner’s manual. The manufacturer knows that your car needs fresh oil and gives you an idea of when to get it done to ensure your engine is always protected. You can also ask our ASE Certified technicians to find out when your vehicle will need its next oil change. Don’t fall behind on this essential maintenance service!

Checking Motor Oil

While you need regular oil changes to protect your vehicle’s engine, no one wants to visit the auto shop every month for service. Monitoring the quality of your car’s motor oil will help you get the most out of it, without putting your vehicle at risk of damage. You’ll continue to experience the best performance levels of your engine as long as the motor oil is clean and flowing well. However, if you don’t change dirty oil soon enough, your car could quickly develop major problems and require extensive repairs. That’s because old oil can’t clean away contaminants and build-ups can form on key components. To avoid this, all you have to do between service is inspect the oil. Use the dipstick to check the level and color of the oil in your vehicle. If the level is low or the oil has changed colors and contains flakes of dirt and grime, it might be time to change it! Most drivers need oil changes every few months, but it depends on how you drive and what kind of oil you use.

Ask the Experts

If you have questions about your vehicle’s oil changes, ask the experts at Rockdale Automotive! We can help you find the right motor oil for your specific vehicle and can set up an ideal service schedule for your unique driving habits. Our team specializes in optimizing intervals for both long term vehicle health and our customer’s budgets. With our help, you can protect your car without overspending on auto care. To learn more about how oil changes can help your car, contact us at (815) 725-5039. We love talking shop and are always happy to explain our services to our customers. You deserve to know how your car works and why it needs specific care! We invite you to stop by our facility next time you are in the area for a quick oil change service. Find us at 22 Graham Drive near West Park in Rockdale, Illinois. Be sure to check for our online specials before your visit! We look forward to seeing you soon!