Anytime a warning light illuminates on your dashboard, your heart may skip a beat, but some warning lights indicate more dire issues than others. When your low oil light comes on, it’s past time to see your mechanic. Getting your vehicle to the shop as soon as possible after you see the low oil light is on can help limit damage done to your vehicle caused by low engine oil.

Why is the Low Oil Light On?

The low oil warning light can come on in your vehicle for several reasons. You may have a faulty sensor or a problem with your oil pump. The light may also indicate the wrong type of oil has been used in your engine or your oil filter needs to be changed. Of course, it could mean your engine is low on oil, too. Your best bet is to get your vehicle to a qualified service center as soon as possible.

Signs of Low Engine Oil

Rather than waiting for the low engine light to come on, you’d be better off paying attention to these signs that your engine is low on oil.

Knocking noises can be an indication of low engine oil as they are often caused by friction between parts that would normally be lubricated with your engine’s oil.

A burning smell, something you should always treat as an imminent sign of engine problems, can be a result of low engine oil. Like the knocking noises, the smell is a result of higher friction between parts normally lubricated by the engine oil.

If you notice you’re going to the gas station more often, it might be a sign of low engine oil. When the engine oil is low, the engine doesn’t perform as efficiently as it may have in the past.

If your engine is running hot or overheating, it can be a result of metal-on-metal friction caused by low engine oil.

What Should You Do?

If you notice any of these signs, it’s time to take your vehicle to a qualified service center for an oil change and evaluation for repairs. The sooner you take your vehicle in for service after you notice any of the issues, the less likely you are to have major engine failure or the need for expensive repairs. Keeping your vehicle on a schedule of preventative maintenance including oil changes can reduce the risk of having low engine oil.

Bringing your vehicle to Rockdale Automotive in Rockdale, IL, is a great step toward maintaining your vehicle and keeping your car on the road. Why not make an appointment today?